“The great tourism plan draws on 2019, a record year for tourism...” | P. BOTA

QUALITY rather than quantity, no more hotel places for four years and a more “Green” approach to tourism. This is the new grand plan for tourism unveiled by the Balearic government. Well, they are certainly confident and upbeat. This tourism plan essentially draws on 2019, a record year for tourism and Covid was an unknown word. But the question which no-one can answer is whether we will see a return to 2019; we will ever get the numbers of tourists we saw before the pandemic?

Perhaps, there was a need to try and limit tourism because the island was becoming overcrowded and natural and environmental resources were under strain. But that was then.

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No-one is too sure whether tourism will make a complete recovery. Perhaps, it will be a question of less quantity because tourists have decided to go competing resorts. I don´t think you can ever be too confident when it comes to tourism, there are too many factors to take into account. Fewer tourists spending more has always been the big plan of the Balearic government.

Is this possible? Well, the Balearics is certainly going upmarket with more boutique hotels. But what has become evident during the pandemic is that these islands need all the tourists they can get. I would say that the grand plan should also include another chapter; how to improve the experience of tourists while they are on holiday here.

The customer is always right and in this case the customer is the tourist.