“The local government should consider a voluntary contribution...” | p.lozano


The shadow of war is hanging over the Balearic tourist industry; higher oil prices will increase the price of a package holiday or an airline fare and the increase in inflation will make the islands an even more expensive place for tourists. Taking all this into account, wouldn´t it be a good idea to scrap the tourist tax for this season? The local hoteliers want it removed and I am sure that tourists would welcome the move.

The islands are receiving substantial sums from the European Union which would help pay for “Green Projects” on the islands which will mean that the tax cash will not be needed. Forecasts of a good holiday season this year have been thrown into doubt by Russia´s attack on Ukraine. This should have been the year when the industry made a full recovery after the pandemic. But now there are doubts again. Perhaps radical action is needed by the Balearic government to settle nerves within the industry and also provide tourists with an added incentive to come to the islands.

Granted that the tourist tax is not a large sum of money but every little adds to the overall bill. As I have said in this space on numerous occasions more money would be raised if tourists were asked to make a voluntary donation rather than an actual tax. Other parts of Spain are considering a “voluntary contribution” from tourists. It is vital that the islands have a good summer season this year and the authorities should ensure that it happens.