Many use the "Plaza" for those Christmas Eve lunchtime drinks. | I.C.


The weekend which will herald Christmas is here. Many families are reunited and the catching up with friends begins. The focus is on local events and gatherings in the house with the occasional outdoor barbecue and fireworks. The Christmas lights were turned on last weekend and were considered late. All was well after the countdown and switch on because they are spectacular and make us look very festive.

Coming up this weekend we have ‘The Poem of Christmas’ which is a spectacle of words and music. This takes place at 8pm on Saturday 23rd December in St Bartholomew’s Church. Quinta Justa provide the music and insiders say the rest is just ‘outstanding’. On Sunday Christmas Eve, the tram runs all night long and is free to all. It links Town and Port, and the party will be everywhere. From midnight in the Placa of Soller the music and dancing will happen and will welcome Christmas Day.

Our local friends have big family gatherings on Christmas Eve after which the youngest escape to the "Plaza" to dance with their friends. Many others, including my family, celebrate on Christmas Day and use the "Plaza" for those Christmas Eve lunchtime drinks.

The great Soller bus service will take many of us into Palma to walk the streets and see the Christmas lights. The City is glorious in festive mode and the weather promises to be great. We still have our midnight Cinderella bus to bring us home. My chosen night is tonight when eight of us will wander the streets and have that great tapa.

Meanwhile the winter work is only on hold for a couple of Christmas days and then it starts in earnest. The asphalting of the mountain road between Soller and Deya is a project long promised. Both motorists and cyclists will be glad that this is coming to fruition. At a cost of a million euros the work will renovate the seven kilometers of road between Soller and Llucalcari plus repair the pavement in sections. A few weeks of inconvenience and then a great new stretch of road.

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The creation of the Boulevard in Gran Via is almost coming to an end. In January, this part of the project will be complete. Visitors in the spring will be able to marvel at this great work and the completion of the repaired road to Deya. Many more local roads will get the asphalting attention plus Puerto Soller has been shouting that its now their turn for new road surfaces.

The reviews of the last year have already started and been squashed by those who want a few more weeks of wind down time. For many, Christmas, New Year and the arrival of the Kings all lead into the San Sebastian season and more celebrations. Once we get hold of party and relaxation time, we don’t give up easily.

Another new local restaurant acquisition in Soller square which means we are fully occupied all around the "Plaza". Everything will be opening by mid-February and the 2024 look will be settled ready for everyone to make their choice. It is always significant which café locals choose to frequent. Sometimes this is price driven but more often it is the quality of the welcome and the chatter from the staff. That first ‘hello’ is so important.

For those of you intending to visit us over the holidays I am warning that Can Prunera Museum is closed until late January 2024. I know many local trippers love to visit at this time of year but unfortunately this is when the Museum have decided to shut their doors. This coincides with the closure of the Train service until early February. Many visitors use the train and visit the Museum. My worry is that last year I happened by a tour group making their way down the Lluna only to find the Museum closed for the holidays. I really hope they have announced this effectively this year. PR and publicity is all so very important.

Happy Christmas to all my kind readers…