The Guardia Civil have been carrying out inspections and controls. | MICHELS


A major operation in Magalluf at the weekend has resulted in the closure of three restaurants and the impounding of 850 articles considered potentially dangerous to consumers. The operation, aimed at consumer protection and public safety, involved the Guardia Civil's tax and customs and protection of women and minors' units, Calvia police and regional government inspectors as well as a member of France's Gendarmerie, one of the foreign police officers being deployed this summer as part of international patrols under the tourism safety plan.

During the operation, police presence and surveillance were intensified in beach areas in an action against theft, as well as in key areas of tourist activity, such as Punta Ballena. Inspections of bars and restaurants were carried out by government health and consumer inspectors and resulted in proceedings being started for 42 infringements and in 319 food products being seized that were past their sell-by dates.

The operation also led to three people being charged for possession of drugs and to one arrest on suspicion of criminal damage. Over 200 goods, considered to be counterfeit, were also seized, while the Guardia Civll, following inspections of "alternative" clubs, has since carried out over 100 interrogations related to possible human trafficking.