No sooner had the tourism season finished, than work on modernising parts of Magalluf began, specifically the remodelling of the avenue and the Magalluf square, which got underway earlier this week. Elsewhere in Calvia, work on improving the Calle Eucaliptus in Paguera has also started. These works will cost 1.9 million euros, made available to the town hall by the tourism ministry under a project for mature-zone improvement agreed by the previous government.

The start of these works is also in line with the agreement of the tourism minister, Biel Barceló, that they should commence from the early part of November and be completed before the start of the 2016 season in order to avoid any negative impact on hotels and other businesses in the area.

The second phase of work on the Magalluf Avenue and the creation of a tourist and commercial street will lead to it becoming an area of restricted traffic. This will mean that vehicles will be limited to residents and for loading and unloading purposes. The work on the avenue will be complemented by an alteration for the Calle Galeón to allow other traffic. Included in this work, which is costing 1.1 million euros, is a widening of pavements, the renovation of sewage pipes, underground electrical and telephone cabling, pre-installation for natural gas and the installation of fibre optics. The town hall reckons that it should all be concluded by the end of March.

215,000 euros are being used for the square that will be integrated into the avenue, and work on this should be finished by the end of January. In Paguera, the budget is 645,000 euros, and the work will be similar to that for the avenue in Magalluf with a widening of pavements along the Calle Eucaliptus, renewal of the sewage system, and underground installation of telephone and electrical cabling and natural gas pipes. Once this work is finalised, the street will be adapted for people with restricted mobility.

With this work, the town hall and the regional government will move a step further in transforming the mature zone of Magalluf into a newly competitive tourism area.