Clear blue skies for Majorca.


The low temperatures that have been experienced in the Balearics and most of the Spanish mainland over the past few days are set to rise this week by around four to five degrees. Cloudy conditions are also lifting, and the forecast for tomorrow in the Balearics is for virtually cloudless skies. Other parts of the Mediterranean as well as the Canaries will also be enjoying sunny weather.

The weather website,, is reporting that rain will continue to affect northern parts of Spain, with snow falling at around 900 metres in the Cantabrian mountains and the Pyrenees, where frosty conditions will also apply.

A new front is expected to come into Spain from the west on Tuesday afternoon and bring rain to Galicia and down to Extremadura as well as more snow to the Pyrenees. The general forecast for the Balearics from the Aemet meteorological agency is for a week of mild conditions with highs around 17C and only limited risk of rain. The widespread and heavy rainfall last Friday was welcome news for the reservoirs and for farmers, but the lack of water remains a genuine concern.