Appointments of senior officials shall be approved by the Governing Board.

The CCOO union has criticised what it says is the failure of senior officials appointed by the new administration at Palma town hall to satisfy qualification requirements.

The union says that this applies to all the officials with the exception of one, the director general for visual arts.

In 2004, national law for local government established that these high-ranking civil servants have to comply with the A grade, which is divided into the highest sub-grade (A1) and A2. This means a university degree (or equivalent) at least; a post-graduate qualification may also be required.

In addition, the appointment of a senior official must conform to certain criteria, e.g. merit and the open publicising of positions.

As far as the union can work out, only the visual arts director matches the A1 specification. The union stresses that the regulations exist in order that there is objectivity and impartiality in the delivery of public services. They guarantee minimum levels of professionalism.

The new administration has 61 senior officials in all, eleven more than during the previous administration from 2015. The total cost has risen to 2.6 million euros. The 61 includes councillors, to whom civil service grades don't apply.