German press react to Mallorca being added to Coronavirus risk list. | Ultima Hora


The German Tourist Group, TUI, has cancelled all reservations for Majorca in August and will repatriate German Tourists from the Island between August 15 and August 22.

TUI’s decision comes hard on the heels of the German Government’s announcement that the Balearic Islands has been added to the list of risk areas after an increase in Covid-19 outbreaks.

German nationals have been told to avoid all but non-essential travel to Spain, including the Balearic Islands, which is an absolute disaster for hoteliers in Majorca and the other Islands,who are already struggling.

The latest events are a real blow because the season was already a write off. It's time to look to the future and see how things evolve between now and the beginning of the 2021 summer season, but it's looking very bad,” said hoteliers.


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The Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca, or FEHM and Agrupación de Cadenas said the economic fallout in the Balearic Islands will be huge.

FEHM President, Maria Frontera, said the German Government’s recommendation not to travel to Spain means “there will be zero to very few German tourists coming to Majorca" and the economic results will be just as devastating as they were after the British Government implemented quarantine for travellers from Spain arriving in the UK.

The Spanish Government said on Friday that it "will work to recover the safe corridors with Germany as soon as possible,” and Tourism Minister, Iago Negueruela, said he’s “confident that will be possible when the pandemic improves."


PP, Vox, Cs and the PI accused the Balearic Government of failing to adopt all the necessary measures to stop the resurgence of the coronavirus pandemic and said it is directly responsible for the Islands being added to Germany’s list of risk areas.