Letting down the guard has increased the Covid-19 cases. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The President of the Balearic government Francina Armengol announced a whole new series of measures this morning which will affect the Christmas plans of thousands of Mallorcans.

These measures start on Tuesday and will last until December 28.

Here are the measures:

1. Meetings of maximum of six people, inside and out.

2. Insides of bars and restaurants closed.

3. Bar and restaurant terraces to close at 10p.m. except on Fridays, Saturdays and the eve of public holidays when it will be at 6p.m.

4. You can still smoke as long as you respect social distancing and you are static.

5. Big stores will have to reduce their capacity to 30 percent (One person per 10 square metres).

6. Theatres and auditoriums at 50 percent capacity.

7. Churches at 25 percent capacity.

8. Gyms 30 percent of capacity and only six people per class.

9. After school activities suspended.

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10. Curfew at 10pm until 6am.

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