Indoor capacity is currently 50%. | Josep Bagur Gomila

The president of the Pimem federation of small to medium-sized businesses, Jordi Mora, is urging the Balearic government to review the current regulation regarding the capacity inside bars and restaurants.

At present, this is 50%. Mora says that "we must move towards normality" and that this should be in October. While town halls have allowed bars and restaurants to extend their outdoor facilities, these permissions will begin to run out. In Palma, they end on September 30. If indoor capacity remains 50%, businesses will find that they have less overall capacity.

Meanwhile, there is no movement as yet on a reopening of nightlife. Only cocktail bars and the so-called cafés concierto can open and with the same closing time of 2am as bars and restaurants. Rafael Roig, one of the vice-presidents of the Confederation of Balearic Business Associations, wants the matter to be addressed, as clubs have been closed for some eighteen months.

Government spokesperson Iago Negueruela has said that there will be discussions but that no date can yet be given for when nightlife can reopen. The Balearic High Court's rejection of the government's plan to make the Digital Covid Certificate a requirement for entering clubs has forced the government to rethink. The nightlife sector was in favour of the certificate being a requirement.