Security camera image of the robber. | Policia Nacional

A 45-year-old man has been arrested by the National Police after robbing the same gambling salon on C. Aragon in Palma on three occasions over the course of one week.

The first of the robberies, which were with violence as he threatened employees with a knife, was on New Year's Eve at around 4am. A female employee was intimidated into opening the safe.

The other two robberies were at roughly the same time in the morning. On the second occasion, the door to the premises was closed - this was as a result of the first robbery. But he managed to get in. An employee took refuge in a room and called for help while he stole from the cash register.

The final robbery was on January 6. This time, employees ran into the street. He took money from the cash register but dropped some of it when he was chased.

At 2am on Friday, he was arrested. A search found two knives, among other items.