National Police arrested the van driver. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

A 34-year-old van driver was arrested by the National Police on Tuesday when a sniffer dog detected drugs.

The police were conducting a control of vehicles arriving at the port in Palma from the mainland. They were looking for anyone with outstanding cases against them or anyone with drugs.

A sniffer dog picked out a refrigerated chest in the van. On first inspection this appeared to be empty, but the dog continued to identify the chest. It was turned over and a double bottom came off. Inside were seven packages wrapped in cling film containing cocaine. These had a gross weight of 8,300 grams. In addition, there were several cylinders of hashish, weighing almost one kilo.

The driver of the van was immediately arrested. In cooperation with Palma Police, his address in a Palma neighbourhood was located. A search of the property led to the discovery of almost 4,000 ecstasy pills, 20 grams of cocaine, and 600 grams of hashish. In another vehicle owned by the driver were 100 grams of hashish and some 100 ecstasy pills.