Playa de Palma, where there is a need to reduce seasonality. | A. G.


PSOE, Més and Podemos have been involved in another argument about tourism promotion. Following the row at the Council of Mallorca caused by PSOE's intention to pay 1.8 million euros on continuing to name Real Mallorca's stadium Visit Mallorca (now dropped), the same party has caused an upset with its coalition partners at Palma town hall.

The tourism councillor, Elena Navarro, presented a proposal to request 1.4 million euros of tourist tax revenue to promote Playa de Palma as a destination for digital nomads. She argued that this would assist in tackling seasonality and be in line with a change to the "tourism model".

Podemos don't disagree with the "philosophy" of the proposal, but have been critical of a lack of information and coordination. "We believe that it is necessary to reduce seasonality in Playa de Palma and to eliminate excess tourism. However, they (PSOE) didn't explain this measure to us." They are also opposed to tourist tax revenue being used because the idea has "no environmental character".

Més councillor and candidate for mayor in 2023, Neus Truyol, stated on Monday that the party would not support any type of tourism promotion and that it would ask PSOE for explanations.

Navarro has now conceded that the two other parties didn't have much information about the project and that "there has been a lack of explanation about the initiative". She intends to continue pursuing the idea but with other sources of funding.