GR01. GRANADA, 30/09/2022.- La estación andaluza de Sierra Nevada ha recibido las primeras precipitaciones en forma de nieve, una mínima capa para activar el "modo invierno" que no afecta a los trabajos de preparación para la temporada de esquí. EFE/CETURSA SOLO USO EDITORIAL/SOLO DISPONIBLE PARA ILUSTRAR LA NOTICIA QUE ACOMPAÑA (CRÉDITO OBLIGATORIO) | .

The unsettled weather has arrived in Spain and some areas, which were complaining about the heat just a few weeks ago, are now looking up at snow on the mountains. This is the case with the Sierra Nevada in Granada where the first snow of the autumn has appeared on the mountain tops.

The weekend weather outlook for Mallorca suggests a fall in temperatures for today and tomorrow. The first snow fell in Mallorca last year in November.

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The Palma Met Office says that as a result of global warming the summers will be hotter and the winters colder.