The young man on the ground in Magalluf. | Última hora


In the early hours of Thursday August 10, at around 05:15 a fight between two groups of people, most of whom were under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances after an intense night of partying, broke out on Punta Ballena, Magalluf, Calvia.

Witnesses are unclear as to what sparked the fight between the two sides, but as shown in the images a man dressed in a blue T-shirt can be seen lying on the ground bleeding from the head with a trail of blood around him.

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At one point, a man tries to pick him up and carry him away when, from behind, a man dressed in a grey T-shirt with a shoulder bag around his neck starts lashing out with his fists. From that moment on, a fight broke out between several people, with others joining in.

Finally, the person who was recording lost sight of the participants as they followed the fight down the strip.

Once again, the health services warn of the presence of designer drugs whose effects produce loss of control. Sources from the Guardia Civil confirmed that hours later, agents from the local police and the Guardia Civil proceeded to arrest the main instigator of the brawl. He is a 29-year-old British man accused of serious disobedience, public disorder and injury.