The new Balearic minister for tourism, Jaume Bauzá, said in parliament on Thursday morning that the Law of Excesses, introduced to curb bad behaviour in Magalluf and Playa de Palma, had been a failure. He said that new "forceful measures" to outlaw bad behaviour and excessive drinking would be introduced without giving further details.

However, it appears that his ministry intends scrapping or overhauling this key piece of legislation introduced by the previous administration. It does have its critics, with the Chief Executive of one major tour firm, when informed about the new laws in Magalluf, saying: Welcome to North Korea.

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Bauzá said that the law promotes "a negative vision", so it will be renamed the Responsible Tourism decree so that "it does not affect tourism". There have been reports that the new legislation has led to a fall in bookings to Magalluf this summer because it curbs the amount of alcohol which can be purchased. However, the Law of Excesses is only in force in a part of Magalluf in the Calvia municipality and this summer tourists have been taken to other resorts where the law is not in force, such as Santa Ponsa.

The previous President of the Balearic government, Francina Armengol, sought the help of the British government in the fight against bad behaviour and excess drinking in Magalluf. She travelled to the Foreign Office in London for talks.


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