Four people were arrested today. | National Police

The National Police in Ibiza have dismantled a group that supplied drugs to clients of several luxury villas on the island.
All of the detainees have a criminal record for a similar type of crime, with one of them posing as a diplomat.

According to the police, at around 14:30 today, officers arrested four men, two of them aged 20 and of Spanish origin, another aged 30 and of Syrian origin, and a 59-year-old man of Venezuelan origin, all suspected of a drug trafficking offence.
The investigation was carried out by the Udyco of the National Police in Ibiza.

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The detainees were caught by the agents when they were about to transport the substances from a luxury flat located in a residential area of Ibiza to a villa on the coast.

Among the substances, the agents seized 23 grams of cocaine; 100 grams of 2Cb known as ‘pink coke’; 59 grams of ecstasy, 23 grams of crystal meth; 715 grams of GHB and 182 grams of hashish, as well as a large amount of cash, more than 21,000 euros, and tools used to make the seized substances.

One of the detainees has also been charged with forgery of documents, as he was posing as a diplomat using a false passport.
Once all the formalities had been completed at police headquarters, the four detainees appeared in court.