The third series of The Mallorca Files is just around the corner. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

While The Mallorca Files’ fans eagerly await news about when the new third series is going to be shown, the Spain Film Commission has confirmed that the series is one of the most popular dramas or series filmed or set in Spain in the United States.

According to the commission The Mallorca Files is more in demand than 65.6% of all drama titles in the United States.

The Spain Film Commission’s new screen tourism project, the Spain Screen Grand Tour, is designed to showcase the numerous filming locations in Spain, including the Balearics, not only to the film industry but also the tourist industry and tourists.
TV series have become one of the most successful types of audiovisual product.

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Their potential to cultivate massive loyal audiences makes them an excellent medium for promoting the places they depict, presenting them as attractive destinations, and inducing the phenomenon known as film tourism.

The commission is aware of two aspects acknowledged as antecedents of travel decisions were considered: destination awareness and visit motivation hence why film tourism is going to form very much part of the future of the Spanish audio visual and tourist industry in synergy.

A press blanket has been thrown over the new series of The Mallorca Files which was filmed at numerous locations on Mallorca, as in the first two series, but it is expected to be released either by the end of this year or early in the New Year.