The Council of Mallorca intends to tackle the traffic problems on the island. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The president of the Council of Mallorca, Llorenç Galmés, has said that in September the institution expects to have the conclusions of the study of the vehicle load on the island’s roads and has not ruled out limiting the entry of vehicles if this means solving this “serious” mobility problem. “If it has to be regulated, it will be regulated, and if any other type of action has to be taken, we will take it,” he said.“It is not a question for parliament to resolve alone. There should be an in-depth debate to tackle the serious saturation of the roads,” he added.

The centre-right Partido Popular president criticised the left-wing parties that governed the Council of Mallorca for eight years, and regretted that they were “incapable” of dealing with the saturation of cars on the island’s roads. “They did not commission any study or report to find out the number of vehicles on Mallorca, the capacity of the roads and draw conclusions, something that the Council of Mallorca began to do a year ago in order to get to grips with the situation,” explained Galmés.

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A few months ago the Council of Mallorca commissioned a study of the road network load in Mallorca and that in September the conclusions of this analysis will be known, on which the Council will take “courageous, real and efficient measures” to address this mobility problem suffered by Mallorcans and visitors.

“We will not stand idly by”, insisted Galmés, who also announced that next July, in order to offer “maximum” transparency with regard to the information and data compiled, the Council will convene the mobility commission.

Asked about the possibility of regulating vehicle access, as the island of Formentera began to do a few years ago, the president said that “at this time” he could not talks about any possible initiatives, pending the conclusions of the study, which he expects to be released after the summer.