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Christmas in Jamaica

Christmas in Jamaica

Our holiday in Jamaica.

Richie Prior 12/01/2024

Christmas in Jamaica


Exploring winter escapes in Mallorca

The arguement about winter in Mallorca apart from airline links always comes back to the weather.

Richie Prior15/01/2024 10:21

Chrildren break up for the Christmas holidays


Rest and Restore

Practical parenting this week tells us what COVID-19 fatigue is and how to cope with it over the Christmas holidays this year.

Julie Waller17/12/2020 14:45

Polls | 01/12/2020 11:18

Are you planning on flying this Christmas holiday?

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Letters to the Editor: This is an outrage

Several readers comment on the new requirement to have a PCR test prior to arriving to the island. Here is what they say.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter26/11/2020 09:49