Etiqueta 'Cold Drinks'
Gaudi is situated in the bustling Sindicat area

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Cocktail Hour: Gaudi Cocktail Bar

Each cocktail is a mini-vacation in itself, whisking you away to some far-off land.

Mia Naprta04/10/2023 16:34

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Three Spanish cold drinks for hot days

In Mallorca, where almonds are plentiful, you will come across bars that have horchata de almendras (almond horchata).

Andrew Valente29/08/2022 12:22

Free fruity tonic on table photo, public domain beverage CC0 image.

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Try a spritzer when the heat is too high

Few drinks are as easy to make as a spritzer: fill a tall glass with ice cubes, add white wine to taste, and top up with soda water. And that’s it.

Andrew Valente25/07/2022 12:18

Food for Thought

Slushy fruit ice makes the very best of coolers

The Spanish granizado is a concoction of slushy fruity ice which contains quite a lot of liquid so much that one starts off taking it through a straw before finishing it off with a spoon.

Andrew Valente22/07/2020 15:14