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This marinara has no taste of the sea

So why is the best sauce ever created for pasta and pizza called 'marinara' if it doesn’t smell or taste of the sea?

Andrew Valente28/04/2023 09:00

Food and drink

It’s newly baked hot cross buns this year!

The making of Mallorcan savoury and sweet Easter pastries is very much a family affair and it begins a week or so before Good Friday.

Andrew Valente05/04/2023 11:39

Food and drink

Three Spanish cold drinks for hot days

In Mallorca, where almonds are plentiful, you will come across bars that have horchata de almendras (almond horchata).

Andrew Valente29/08/2022 12:22

Cucumber soup.

Food and drink

Cool down with cucumber soup

Cucumbers and yoghurt are especially refreshing when combined, but the effect is compounded with the addition of lemon and mint, as is shown in this soup.

Andrew Valente08/08/2022 12:51


Food and drink

Tumbet: a laid-back dish for the summer

Tumbet is usually eaten as a starter nowadays, but at the height of summer when it is really hot, it makes a nice mains for lunch.

Andrew Valente01/08/2022 11:46

Free fruity tonic on table photo, public domain beverage CC0 image.

Food and drink

Try a spritzer when the heat is too high

Few drinks are as easy to make as a spritzer: fill a tall glass with ice cubes, add white wine to taste, and top up with soda water. And that’s it.

Andrew Valente25/07/2022 12:18

A refreshing lime sorbet

Food and drink

When the heat gets too high try sorbets

Some Mallorcans like to take their granizados through a straw before eating it with a spoon in the final stages.

Andrew Valente18/07/2022 11:26


Food and drink

A sobrasada that comes from Sicily

This Sicilian version of sobrasada is called nduja, it comes from Spilinga in the province of Calabria and it is made exactly like sobrasada.

Andrew Valente18/06/2022 10:30

Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey.

EFE 09/12/2020

Roast Turkey


Answer to roast turkey problem

Roast turkey is quite difficult to cook, Andrew Valente brings how to make the perfect menu for this Christmas.

Andrew Valente09/12/2020 12:01

Tofu veggie food


Tofu: unique veggie food

Today Andrew Valente will bring the delights of tofu to the table and some very easy recipes with this amazing food.

Andrew Valente02/12/2020 13:14

Tofu veggie food

Tofu veggie food

Tofu veggie food.

ARCHIVO 31/10/2020

Bacalao (salt cod) was one of the most common poverty foods until about 60 years ago.

Food for Thought

Fine eating on a low budget

It is a statistical fact that as a nation becomes more prosperous the sales of bread take a dramatic plunge.

Andrew Valente29/09/2020 17:07

Turmeric gives curries their yellow colour and distinctive taste.

Food For Thought

Get curry habit and live longer

Doctors have been discovering that curries help to protect us against deterioration of the brain and help to keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

Andrew Valente07/08/2020 01:47

Basil is now known mainly as a kitchen herb.

Food for Thought

Basil: most faithful visitor to Majorca

Although basil, called albahaca in Spanish, is very much associated with the Mediterranean, it isn’t a popular herb in Spanish regional cooking.

Andrew Valente03/06/2020 15:01