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Millions of drivers have been hacked.

Millions of drivers have been hacked.

Millions of drivers have been hacked.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter 01/06/2024

Millions of drivers have been hacked.

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Spanish police investigate whether hackers stole millions of drivers' data

Over the past month, three of Spain's largest companies - telecoms giant Telefonica, lender Santander and energy company Iberdrola - have reported suffering cyberattacks.

Reuters01/06/2024 10:37

Don't get caught by cybercrime when booking a holiday.


Warning to look out for online holiday fraudsters when booking: top tips

Last year, 6,640 reports of holiday fraud were made to Action Fraud and data shows July and August saw highest number of reports made, at 804 and 781 respectively.

Humphrey Carter26/02/2024 11:10

Cybercrime on the rise

Cybercrime on the rise

Initiative to raise awareness of cyber threats.

Jaume Morey 23/01/2022

Smaller businesses are more prone to this type of cyber attack, but larger Balearic companies can also be vulnerable.


Over 15% of Balearic companies lose data through cyber attacks

"It is the user who opens the door to the cybercriminals and sets in motion the capture of information."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter01/10/2016 00:00