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People sitting on a terrace in Palma


Town halls’ favourite pastime - regulating terraces

The new administration, it is said, wishes the city’s restaurants to be one of the strong points for promotion to tourists.

Andrew Ede27/07/2023 16:42

Closing terraces an hour earlier will mean financial losses.


Legal challenge to earlier terrace closing time

The Majorca Restaurants Association has slammed Palma town hall incompetence for the new terraces' bylaw.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter07/06/2019 19:45

Ses Salines terraces. All over the place?


Terraces' "lawlessness" in Colonia Sant Jordi

Bars and restaurants will be pretty much free to use whatever space they want to.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter18/05/2018 00:00

Terraces on Joan Miró are provoking complaints.


Joan Miró residents complaining about illegal terraces

Terraces on the Joan Miró avenue in Palma have seemingly not received the same attention as terraces elsewhere in the city.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter09/05/2018 00:00

Aurora Jhardi with Antoni Noguera at the presentation of the new bylaw.


Palma illegal street selling not included in new bylaw

The inclusion of a specific ban on illegal street selling has created friction between Podemos and PSOE.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter14/03/2018 00:00

Terrace on the calle Blanquerna in Palma.


Palma demonstration today against terraces crackdown

"Neighbours, clients, businesspeople and the terraces; there is plenty of room for everyone and everything."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter20/02/2018 00:00

Palma terraces controversy continues.


Palma town hall accused of destroying businesses

The terrace war is continuing to rage in Palma and is soon to end up in the courts.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter15/02/2018 00:00

Calle Fabrica: terrace space set to be reduced by a third.


Town hall in a hurry to agree terraces bylaw

The bylaw will in principle forbid terraces in streets that are under 3.5 metres in width.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter07/02/2018 00:00