Etiqueta 'Visit Mallorca Estadi'
Mallorca's stadium will continue to be called Visit Mallorca.


Own goal

Real Mallorca football club is an important promotional tool for the island and its tourist industry, especially now that it plays in the first division.

Jason Moore19/08/2022 10:47

Jaume Alzamora of Més at the Council of Mallorca

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Political crisis deepens over Real Mallorca stadium naming rights deal

There is talk of an ultimatum - either scrap the agreement with Real Mallorca or the coalition at the Council of Mallorca will be broken.

Andrew Ede16/08/2022 17:44

Real Mallorca's stadium in Palma


Real Mallorca are not Real Madrid

Might calling the stadium Visit Mallorca in January satisfy Més and Podemos?

Andrew Ede11/08/2022 20:54