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Words that are banned


As the word ‘glamorous’ goes on the banned list - what’s next?

I have recently noticed that there is an ever-growing list of supposedly ‘banned’ words that certain people find “inappropriate” or on occasions, supposedly “demeaning”.

Frank Leavers16/04/2024 11:03

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Did you know

People who say that money doesn’t bring happiness are often those who don’t have any to spare.

Andrew Valente09/09/2020 15:07

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Most Britons are not good spellers

The vast majority of youngsters seldom read newspapers, magazines or books and when they write the language it’s to text their friends with truncated words that are written as they are pronounced

Andrew Valente02/09/2020 15:21

If something was in ‘apple pie’ order it was in perfect order or of impeccable precision.

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Why do we say that someone is ‘the apple of my eye’? Why not some smaller fruit such as the grape, cherry or gooseberry?

Andrew Valente19/05/2020 23:51

We get our word ‘confinement’ from the Middle French ‘confiner’ plus ‘ment’.

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The Spanish word for being legally bound to stay at home is ‘confinamiento’, which translates neatly into ‘confinement’, an old word that covers this situation.

Andrew Valente06/05/2020 04:01

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The young have their own slang because they don’t want old people (that is, their parents) to even get a gist of what they are saying to each other.

Andrew Valente29/04/2020 15:45

Words associated with the weather


Did you know?

Words and more... this week we focus on weather and football.

Andrew Valente25/07/2019 04:01