News of the day 16 February 2023
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Find out which ships are in port today

There are no cruise ships scheduled to dock in Palma today

Cathy Caliz

Apartments under construction in Mallorca

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Proposal for a Balearic government-run property rentals agency

Podemos say this would lead to a reduction in the cost to rent.

Andrew Ede

ParcBit technology park in Palma, Mallorca

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Tourism gives the Balearics the highest density of businesses in Spain

Since the turn of the century, the Balearics have typically always had the highest density.

Andrew Ede

Over 300 e-scooter accidents in Palma last year.

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Palma fined 2,315 e-scooter drivers last year

Offenders face penalties ranging from 50 to 200 euros.

Humphrey Carter

Scene of Palma, Mallorca

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Property sector totally rejects idea for government-run rentals agency

"Political parties should not make proposals from an ideological perspective and without understanding the consequences."

Andrew Ede

Celebration of the final approval of the Trans Law at Spain's Parliament in Madrid

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Spain approves law allowing gender self-determination

The vote was the last hurdle for legislation that has caused a major rift within Spain's left-wing coalition, as the country gears up for a general election later this year.

Jason Moore

Holiday / Attractions
Palma musicals


What's On this weekend in Mallorca

Other than carnival parades there is the Palma Jazz Festival, Real Mallorca home match and much more.

Andrew Ede

Weather / Temperatures
Highs in the Balearics on February 16, 2023


Friday's weather in Mallorca

Forecast for Mallorca for Friday, February 17.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Paperwork / Schools
Queen's College carnival 2023


"Let me entertain you!"

The primary staff were so proud of the children and would like to thank the parents for their wonderful support and creativity in helping to put together the carnival costumes.

Queen's College

Sport / Real Mallorca
Real Mallorca football report

Real Mallorca

Home sweet home for Real Mallorca on Saturday

The Palma side have to keep their home win momentum going as their away form is terrible

Monro Bryce

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