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Separating microplastics


The power of Citizens’ Science

This week, GEN-GOB´s sister organisations GOB Menorca and GOB Mallorca have joined the initiative, enlarging the sampling potential across all the Balearic Islands.

Marilles Foundation29/01/2021 09:35

Changemakers at sea

Changemakers at sea

Changemakers at sea.

Save the med foundation 08/01/2021

Keeping the Balearics free of plastics


Quarterly Newsletter, New Year’s Raffle & Auction and your own 2021 STM Diary!

As we prepare for a very different Christmas this year, let this be a time to reflect on what we, as a collective can learn from 2020.

Save the Med Foundation25/12/2020 10:00


Nautical Notes

Save The Med needs your vote!

Stay tuned to take part in this new and exciting campaign!

Save the Med17/10/2020 00:10