The final countdown begins, to the last big night of the St Bartholomew's Fiesta. The devils, the dragon, the drums, the fire run, and the macabre story will captivate Soller Square on Sunday at 10.30pm. Suspend belief and health and safety concerns as we hope and believe that ‘all will be well’.

We move on quickly then to the preparations for a return to school and the beginning of a new working Town Hall team. The stories are being drip fed to us of what to expect. A local bus picking up in the villages and doing a continuous circuit has been talked about for years. This week we receive the news that a local entrepreneur has a business plan for just this service, and that it is lodged with the Town Hall. Early reaction is said to be good (according to the local paper) because the passengers, not the Town Hall will be paying for it. Is this another idea for the debating society or will it happen?

The renovation of the park in the port of Soller has been long promised. The use of some of it as a ‘temporary car park’ has not find favour with those who wanted to protect this municipal community space. Latest on this is that the Town Hall are looking at the plans again. The frustration this causes is immense. The politicians ‘relooking’ are the same as those who made no progress in the last four years. An edge of serious irritation is very evident now in the chatter.

As Soller moves on from its fiesta the build-up begins to Fornalutx. The teenagers of the valley have yet more Saturday nights dancing in the neighbourhood. By the time school starts they are ‘partied out’. A great summer vibe for a few seasons in life before reality takes over. It’s great to have a childhood and teenage years in this place. This is certainly my families experience.

The September people are just waiting round the corner now. The families will go soon, if they have school age children. The French friends all seem to disappear as August ends and then the scene is set for some of the biggest spenders of the year. The couples, followed at the end of the September by the return to the special interest groups. It is way too hot to do much hiking or cycling but the early September people are beach and gastronomic friends. They love the great food to be found in the Soller Valley. Days out on fine yachts and sunset cruises are another feature of this team.

The statistics pile in now as to whether this has been the dream season or not. The indications are very favourable and give hope to some re-negotiating of the terms and conditions for next year. Life has changed and the cost of living means that staff are questioning everything. They want to see the success represented in their end of year salaries.

Every weekend in Soller and the port we celebrate something in September. Fiesta of the Sea and the Havaneres in the port plus concerts and great music. This is a month when many locals enjoy a staycation with us, and we welcome friends from the other islands and other parts of Mallorca.

Many local Soller people have been away for part of the summer. Some have relations in cooler parts of Spain and others have been away to other places travelling. They return, for all the same reasons as people leave us, with children who go to school and jobs to return to. Many second homeowners begin trickling back as the weather begins to change. Late September can see the weather change to more manageable heat and glorious light.

We still have a few more weeks of hot sun and balmy nights. There is pleasure in all seasons and certainly activities in them all. The Soller Valley rolls on with its programme and future planning. We will be thinking about Halloween and Christmas next. My recent trip to London saw Christmas Cards and Quality Street tins already for sale…