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Flight information board at Palma de Mallorca

Majorca tourism

Easter air-traffic control worry for Mallorca

French air-traffic control strikes at Bordeaux and Marseille.

Andrew Ede25/03/2023 07:34

Make sure your passports are in order to avoid any last minute disappointments.


Ultimate guide to making sure your British passport is in order to travel to the Balearics

Customers looking to travel and needing a new passport must allow up to ten weeks of processing time for new and renewed passports.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter22/03/2023 10:42

Passport control queues at Palma airport.


Warning of British passport control chaos this summer in Mallorca

Spanish airline association calling for more border staff ahead of the influx of British visitors.

Humphrey Carter13/03/2023 13:04


Passport warning to British holidaymakers to Mallorca

"Once your details have been taken down, you are quite within your rights to insist that it is returned..."

Jason Moore04/03/2023 10:14