At a few minutes before 9p.m. a tweet from the government and confirmation of the news. | plozano

It was the news we had all been waiting arrived later than expected on Thursday night; the Balearics were on Britain´s Green List for safe travel. It was mission accomplished. Our day at the Bulletin dawned early on Thursday with reports in the British media overnight indicating that it would be Green for the Balearics.

We splashed the story on our website ( and the reader counter almost did a full turn! Seventy percent of our online readers are in the UK. The Balearics looked as if there were on course for success. But, during the morning doubts started to appear. There were reports that only Ibiza would make the Green List and one leading travel expert said that the islands would remain on amber.

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There would be no official confirmation until the British government made the announcement and no-one was saying when. At first one of the TV networks said that the announcement would be made in the afternoon, then the evening and then at night! I made a decision to draw-up the front-page with the Balearics getting the Green Light. In the past this has been a bad omen....front page done and the story changes. It was not only us who were nervously waiting, every media outlet in the Balearics was on tender hooks and there were plenty of rumours and theories.

Late afternoon it was announced that the Balearic government would be giving a press conference at 7p.m. to discuss the Green List. It was a good sign... but the government weren´t saying anything and nor was the British government. By 8.30p.m. I think everyone was close to throwing in the towel. No government announcement and the Bulletin front page was looking-like wishful thinking. At a few minutes before 9p.m. a tweet from the government and confirmation of the news. Better late than never!