3rd patient diagnosed with coronavirus in Majorca - archive photo. | Ultima Hora

A third person has been diagnosed with coronavirus in Majorca.

The woman was admitted to an isolation ward at Son Llàtzer hospital on Monday night and biological samples will be analysed by the National Centre for Microbiology at the Carlos III Health Institute in Madrid to verify whether she definitely has the infection.

The patient reportedly spent a week in Turin in Italy and started to show symptoms of the Covid-19 virus when she returned. She called the 061 Emergency Services personnel and after the first tests proved positive, she was admitted hospital in Palma.

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The Directorate General of Public Health & Participation has begun the process of contacting everyone who has been in touch with the patient.

It’s the third case of coronavirus in Majorca.

A British expat from Marratxí was the first person to be diagnosed with the virus in Majorca after coming into contact with man at a ski resort in France who later tested positive.

The second patient was admitted to Son Espases Hospital earlier this week after symptoms appeared when she returned from Bergamo in Italy. Her husband, son and pregnant daughter are also in isolation as a precaution. The woman is said to be recovering well.