Don't let the dogs out in the car! | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Pets are part of the family. We take great care of them, we take them everywhere with us and we find it difficult to be without them. But owners need to take great care when taking their pets in the car.

The DGT traffic department has warned that heavy fines will be handed out to those who put their lives and those of their pets in danger on the road.

The regulation establishes a basic fine of 80 euros if the animal is not properly restrained. The figure rises to 200 euros if it invades the driver's space. The highest fine is 500 euros, if the pet invades the driver's space and is carried on the driver's lap or if the animal is loose. In addition to the fine of 500 euros, 6 points may also be withdrawn from the driver's licence.

The DGT establishes that the animal must be properly restrained, with a harness or belt, although the regulations do not specify what type of restraints must be carried or to what extent the animal can enjoy a certain degree of freedom of movement.

Nevertheless, if you get stopped by the traffic police, do not go barking mad.