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A message in a bottle found in Italy

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A German child's Mallorca message in a bottle is found in Italy

"Your message is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in recent times."

Andrew Ede17/02/2024 09:48

Mallorca is one of Europe's top tourist destinations.


Mallorca is top regional holiday destination in Europe

Tourism in the EU grew sustainability between 2009 and 2019 before it became one of the most affected sectors hit by COVID in 2020.

ReutersNathan Vifflin01/11/2023 11:33

NGO Open Arms rescue boat

Refugee crisis

Update: Spain says no deal with Italy on migrants, offers its ports

The only correct information is that the Spanish government had offered to Open Arms to head for the nearest Spanish port.

Reuters19/08/2019 10:55

NGO Open Arms rescue boat

Refugee crisis

124 people rescued in Mediterranean

Charity rescue boat denied disembarkation in Italy.

Reuters03/08/2019 12:17