Etiqueta 'Majorca flowers'
The herdsman and the poppy


The herdsman and the poppy

Poppies contain an alkaloid called ‘rhoeadine’, a mild sedative.

Neville James-Davies07/07/2022 14:39

Painted Lady butterfly


Vanessa and Alexandria

Wandering around Alburcutx Tower, Son Real beach and the Albufereta Marsh all saw good numbers of Painted Lady's with some Brimstones mixed in too.

Neville James-Davies26/06/2022 11:00



Wild Mallorca: Robusta and the Sand Ploughman

The Albufera is the only place the Marsh Orchid is found on Mallorca, and I know of one spot away from the crowds, where they grow annually and in good numbers.

12/06/2022 10:00

The Hoopoe


Wild Mallorca: King Tereus and Tolpis

The Greek playwright Aristophanes (446-386 BC) states King Tereus was transformed into a Hoopoe by the Gods as punishment for his crimes.

Neville James-Davies29/05/2022 15:53



Gardening In Majorca

Cut out the long and straggly bits on the Osteospermums (black eyed susan), you will find all the length of the stem has new little shoots, cut back within these and the plant will fill out again.

Dorothy Loeffler08/06/2020 16:38