The Masked Avenger

It seems that with all the information circulating as to how this virus spreads, cyclists seem to tick a lot of those boxes, so why no masks? And why are they allowed to travel so freely around the island? Perhaps something the government needs to address?

People walking wearing face masks in the Plaza Major in Palma.

Masking the Situation

Admittedly, every aspect of our lives has changed irrefutably, and we all yearn for a miracle return to how things were before.

General view of the Playa de s'illot.

Too Many Too Soon?

I love Majorca wholeheartedly. To me, the island has always been like a naughty child that is constantly full of surprises.


The Thief of Time

My ultimate star in lockdown has got to be the most ‘to die for’ gingernuts, which I now make, following a recipe I’ve had for 25 years and never got round to baking before.

Putting signs and notices in place just doesn’t seem to work efficiently.

Medical Matters

Some people really don’t seem to get that 2 metres is NOT 2 feet! And certainly NEVER two inches!