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Call centre for Mallorca primary care appointments

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Call centre to filter Mallorca health centre appointments

Experience during the pandemic has guided improvements to the appointments' system.

Andrew Ede19/06/2022 12:40

Accommodation for health personnel in Ibiza

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Call for free accommodation for summer doctors in Mallorca

In Galicia, accommodation for doctors who reinforce the health service in summer is to be free.

Andrew Ede31/05/2022 07:35

Balearic doctors protesting in Palma.

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Balearic doctors worried about misdiagnosis

"The lack of time with patients increases the risk of making a wrong diagnosis or arranging the wrong treatment.."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter27/04/2022 10:09

Protest by family doctors in Mallorca

Protest by family doctors in Mallorca

Patients supported the Thursday protest by doctors.

Simebal @SimebalCesm 31/03/2022