Etiqueta 'Manners in general'
Cyclotourism in Mallorca


Cyclotourism in Mallorca

It’s a multi-million euro business which will undoubtedly continue to grow as Mallorca establishes itself as the Biker’s Balearic Dream!

Peter Clover27/03/2024 16:52

Sneezing into a tissue


Coughs and sneezes still spread diseases

One of the easiest places on earth to catch germs, be it the flu, a common cold, or any other airborne virus, is in a doctor’s or hospital waiting room.

Peter Clover07/02/2024 16:52

People in a queue

Frank Talking

Come on - mind your manners and queue properly will you!

And it’s always about the small things in life such as bad manners, queue jumping and that reliable standby - silently cursing people who don’t behave properly.

Frank Leavers10/07/2020 00:10