Etiqueta 'Seville'
Javier Aguirre could be Mexico's coach for a third time next season.

Real Mallorca

Mallorca fans take trains, boats and planes to Seville

Real Mallorca, with nine games left to play, look to be on track to stay in top flight Spanish football for a fourth successive season.

Monro Bryce29/03/2024 09:49

Mallorca fans will be in the North end of La Cartuja.

Real Mallorca

Total success with cup final ticket sales

Whatever happens on April 6, Mallorca are guaranteed a place in January’s Super Cup to be played in Saudi Arabia.

Monro Bryce22/03/2024 11:17

New virus in Seville

Nile fever

Twelve cases of Nile fever confirmed in Spain's Andalusia

The virus belongs to the same strand as the Zika virus, which caused outbreaks in North and South America in 2015 and 2018.

Reuters13/08/2020 17:36


Palma needs unity

Having spent a few days visiting Seville, I’ve suddenly realised Palma’s main problem.

Humphrey Carter22/11/2019 09:49