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“Spain nearly missed their country´s sporting finest hour...”


TV comes up short

“Spain nearly missed their country´s sporting finest hour...”

Jason Moore01/02/2022 10:30

TV viewing has increased as everyone has to stay at home


"Broadsword calling Danny Boy" and other lockdown television pleasures

As for myself, I have to say that the most exciting thing that happens to me during lockdown, is to be able to sit in a different room, in a completely different chair at differing times of the day watching stuff that I want to watch.

Frank Leavers29/04/2020 09:58

Supermarket queues during social distancing


Home thoughts from an ex-pat living abroad - if you see what I mean?

The children who will suffer the most from what is happening at the moment (and at anytime in the past) will be the ones who’s parents couldn't care less about their children’s education and therefore start adult life in educational arrears before they have even began.

Frank Leavers11/04/2020 13:16