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First day outside for children under 14.

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The Kids Are Back In Town

Children just want to be occupied and are generally very willing to learn something new, as long as it’s not presented as a boring chore!

Peter Clover30/04/2020 09:27

Supermarket queues during social distancing


Home thoughts from an ex-pat living abroad - if you see what I mean?

The children who will suffer the most from what is happening at the moment (and at anytime in the past) will be the ones who’s parents couldn't care less about their children’s education and therefore start adult life in educational arrears before they have even began.

Frank Leavers11/04/2020 13:16

Thank goodness we live on an island.

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Thoughts of an isolated old codger

This Orwellian nightmare could well be repeated elsewhere if the figures continue to rise unstoppably, as they still are in Spain (though mercifully not, or not yet, in the Balearics.)

Donald Trelford22/03/2020 14:26