News of the day 15 October 2023
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Uber in Mallorca

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Private investigators find alleged illegal Uber practices in Mallorca

The report has been handed to the Balearic government's mobility directorate.

Andrew Ede

Guardia Civil in Mallorca

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German tourists arrested in Arenal for alleged rape

The woman went with one of the men to his hotel.

Andrew Ede

National Police in Palma, Mallorca

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Tourist citizen's arrest of Palma 'spiderman' hotel thief

He was confronted by a tourist on holiday with his family.

Andrew Ede

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German tourists who were arrested and accused of a gang rape in Mallorca


Mallorca and tourist criminality

Spain's equality ministry wants a sharing of tourists' criminal records in respect of violence against women.

Andrew Ede

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Daily Horoscope

What does your horoscope say about you today: Sunday, October 15

Engaging in activities that support the mind and body are particularly encouraged

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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The Seabourn Sojourn luxury cruise ship


Find out which ships are in port today

The Seabourn Sojourn is the only cruise ship visiting Palma today

Cathy Caliz

Heat waves are increasingly common in Mallorca and the Balearics

Majorca tourism

Will holidaymakers avoid Mallorca because of hotter summers?

As well as the summer heat, there will be an impact from more expensive air travel.

Andrew Ede

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Heavy rain in Palma, Mallorca

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Downpours in Mallorca, as amber alert for rain is widened

Heavy rain on Sunday morning, and the met agency says that more is due.

Andrew Ede

Cap de fibló in Mallorca

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Cap de fibló brings down trees in Mallorca

In October 2007, a cap de fibló caused considerable damage and the loss of one life.

Andrew Ede

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