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Frank Confidential

‘You are what you eat’ - That's why I like tinned custard

I suppose that it is rather inevitable that with nothing much else to do than jigging about in front of a computer screen to tighten your bum muscles between 1am and 12noon that one’s thoughts will drift towards the next scheduled meal, because let’s face it what else is there to think about?

Frank Leavers22/04/2020 16:40

Captain Tom Moore

My Column

Walking the walk

At subliminal level, the public is reverting to caveman mode, unconsciously thinking of survival and how best to cope in a world of uncertainty.

Anna Nicholas18/04/2020 09:29

Dolphins at Can Pere Antoni, Palma.

Lockdown at Home

The C Word

Nature is providing some welcome positivity in this otherwise rather challenging era.

Sarah Forge17/04/2020 10:51

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