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Broccoli pesto

Out and About

Let’s get Saucy!

Yeast seems to have taken over from toilet rolls on the shop’s ‘most wanted’ list.

Peter Clover09/04/2020 04:01

There has been some baking going on.


Actions Express Priorities

Now, if I were to tell you that we only have three weeks left of the lockdown, would THAT spur you into action?

Vicki McLeod07/04/2020 12:55

Moroccan Lamb Meatballs with Harissa & Saffron Couscous

Food & Fosh

Back to basics

We will still be here on the other side of this pandemic, looking forward to welcoming everybody back with generosity, a warm reception and a big smile.

Marc Fosh06/04/2020 12:15

Hot Cross Buns

Food & Wine

DIY for the best hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are such a simple bake that even complete pastry novices can get satisfactory results.

Andrew Valente02/04/2020 12:45

Golden Date Pudding

Out and About

I’m Going Back to Bread

Drizzle with a little more golden syrup/honey and serve with lashings of creamy custard. Then do 36 deep thigh squats (not compulsory).

Peter Clover02/04/2020 11:55

Kombucha Ramon


Get cooking with the American chef in Majorca

The first batch came out fantastic. So I kept making more and more until we were producing batches of 100 litres.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter01/04/2020 12:36

Sa Pobla potatoes

Food & Fosh

New potatoes during these strange days

I find crisp, baby like, new potatoes with thin, wispy skins and a crisp, waxy texture hard to resist.

Marc Fosh28/03/2020 17:48

Lindy and her home-made lemon curd made with lemons from her garden


At Home Together

Looking at the group’s topics, by far the most popular thing we are doing at the moment is cooking and baking.

Vicki McLeod28/03/2020 13:08

Second day macaronis

Out and About

Waste not, Want not!

In these days when it's not so easy to get out and about, we really need to stretch our ingredients along with our imaginations when we prepare our meals.

Peter Clover26/03/2020 11:25