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Brownie time

The real beauty of the perfect brownie lies in the fact that it has to be both deliciously rich and surprisingly light.

Marc Fosh06/02/2023 12:30

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My Spanish Christmas

Cooking at home should be fun, and if we could all learn to enjoy the time we spend in our kitchens, the end results would far more rewarding.

Marc Fosh24/12/2022 10:20

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Cauliflower Cheese… simple & delicious!

Cauliflower smells very unpleasant if overcooked, so brief cooking is essential and also preserves crispness, colour, and reduces the loss of nutrients...

Marc Fosh11/12/2022 11:00

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Easy Like Sunday Morning... with Eggs Florentine!

Eggs have porous shells; so don't store them next to anything smelly, because they'll take it on board.

Marc Fosh14/11/2022 18:45

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The Perfect Curry

The term curry derives from kari, a Tamil word meaning sauce and referring to various kinds of dishes common in South India made with vegetables or meat and usually eaten with rice.

Marc Fosh09/10/2022 22:45

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The Secret of Umami: Unlocking the Fifth Taste

Obsessive chefs believe that if you can find the perfect balance of the five basic tastes: sweet, salt, bitter, sour and umami, you’ll have some sort of culinary utopia!

Marc Fosh02/10/2022 15:14

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3 Healthy Summer Salads... Big On Flavour!

The Lebanese fattoush salad is essentially a "bread salad".It's a simple recipe very similar in some ways to the local “Trampó” salad from Mallorca.

Marc Fosh06/09/2022 10:48

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The Cool Dude

When you're shopping for cucumbers, look for ones that are firm and free of blemishes and soft spots.

Marc Fosh29/08/2022 10:23

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Gazpacho… Here comes the sun!

Gazpacho is a breeze to make and keeps well for 2-3 day's in the refrigerator without a problem.

Marc Fosh18/07/2022 12:13

Spiced Vegetable Tagine

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Tagine Time with Marc Fosh

This week in Fosh and Food: "For me, this famous delicious Moroccan dish is all about simplicity and choosing good ingredients."

Marc Fosh09/05/2022 09:15

Fattoush salad


Salad Days

Try one of these amazing Mediterranean salads with our Fosh Food delivery service!

Marc Fosh14/03/2021 12:32

Beef Wellington recipe

Beef Wellington recipe

Beef Wellington recipe.

Marc Fosh 01/03/2021

Salmon Wellington

Salmon Wellington

Salmon Wellington.

Marc Fosh 30/11/2020

Roasted pork belly

Roasted pork belly

Roasted pork belly.

Marc Fosh 23/11/2020

Coconut, chili & lime soup with spiced chicken dumplings

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Coconut, chili & lime soup with spiced chicken dumplings

The colder days are upon us and Marc Fosh gives us a tasty and spicy dish to try.

Marc Fosh15/10/2020 11:18

Apple cupcakes with cinnamon topping.

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Eat the seasons...with an apple a day!

Apples are essential ingredients that liven up so many recipes and they combine so well with so many other flavours.

Marc Fosh04/10/2020 16:11