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My Spanish Christmas

Cooking at home should be fun, and if we could all learn to enjoy the time we spend in our kitchens, the end results would far more rewarding.

Marc Fosh24/12/2022 10:20

Vegetables at the local market

Food for thought

Get your veggies with a menestra

There is no single recipe for a menestra and the dishes that go under this name are more than simple variations on a theme. All of them make use of vegetables in season and some include other ingredients for which a particular area is famous.

Andrew Valente25/03/2020 17:08

Zarzuela Catalana

Food for thought

The secrets in two fish stews

Fish soups and stews in Catalonia have a long pedigree and there is an amazing variety of versions along the Costa Brava and inland.

Andrew Valente31/01/2020 14:35

White beans with fresh clams and saffron

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Fabada heaven & dirty rice

Good quality chorizo and morcilla (black pudding) is the key to a great fabada.

Marc Fosh30/01/2020 14:32

The Abruzzo ‘le vertu’ beans and pasta dish

Food for Thought

Spanish dishes for frosty winter days

This is the time of year when Spanish traditional dishes called platos de cuchara (dishes eaten with a spoon) are invariably on domestic menus — and on the blackboards of many restaurants.

Andrew Valente25/01/2020 09:39