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The picaña steak was juicy and tender.

The Restaurant Review

What happens when the bosses are away?

This week's Restaurant Review: I thought it wouldn’t be fair to judge Sa Goleta when its captain wasn’t on the bridge and keeping the ship on course.

Andrew Valente23/04/2022 09:30

Samuele with his baked lasagna.

The Restaurant Review

Good lasagna nowadays is so very hard to find

"An excellent lasagna at €7.70 is absolutely unheard of in my experience…"

Andrew Valente12/03/2022 11:04

The single oyster and a lovely mound of chips.


Oyster and chips - it’s a deluxe little starter

"My main job is to find interesting places with dishes most of us can afford."

Andrew Valente26/02/2022 11:37

The fresh tagliatelle with a plain tomato sauce was worth a 10.


Two fresh pastas at really great prices

Thumbs up or Thumbs down? Why was our Bulletin critic so impressed?

Andrew Valente19/02/2022 11:06

The cigala dominates the new tagliatelle Rafa Nadal by Michele Caporale


A scrummy pasta called Rafa Nadal

Thumbs up or thumbs down? Are you all set for Rafa Nadal's dish of the day?

Andrew Valente12/02/2022 11:36