“Mixed messages have become the new normal during Covid...” | IRENE ARANGO

The Balearic government blasted the British government yesterday for mixed messages over the traffic light travel system. The British government is considering allowing people who have been fully vaccinated to travel abroad. The local authorities claimed that the mixed messages were only making the situation even more complicated.

Perhaps so. But we are living in difficult times and the situation is ever-changing. There have been mixed messages from all governments. The Balearic government earlier this year allowed bars and restaurants to open and then ordered them to close five days later. Mixed messages? I would say so.

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What the Balearic government needs to be doing is talking with the British government, giving them regular updates on the coronavirus situation on the islands and having a fluid and open dialogue. The British government is in a difficult position. The British travel industry is paralysed and the British public want to go away on holiday abroad.

But obviously there are risks. Allowing people who have received both vaccines to travel abroad sounds like a good idea and could break the travel deadlock. Something needs to be done, because the Balearics urgently needs British tourism. The British government is obviously trying to find a way forward. Perhaps, the Balearic government could come up with some ideas of their own. Yes, we are living in difficult times but perhaps we should all be working together.