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Monument in Sa Feixina Park in Palma, Mallorca

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Two months for Sa Feixina monument to be given protected status

The Council of Mallorca and Palma town hall have been wishing to demolish the monument because of its Francoist association.

Andrew Ede30/11/2022 17:06

When not marching, there were other student-action means of diversion from studying.

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Student demonstration time

In 1954, Franco approved a university discipline regulation that is only now going to be repealed.

Andrew Ede01/07/2020 09:15

Law will approve exhumation of Civil War graves


Law will approve exhumation of Civil War graves

This is a law that deals specifically with the graves of the some 2,000 people in the Balearics who disappeared during the Civil War.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/10/2015 00:00