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¡The Mallorcans! Chapter 8 Bernat Xamena

¡The Mallorcans! Chapter 8 Bernat Xamena

Trumpeter and triathlete Bernat Xamena tells his story. Presented by TUI Care Foundation. Video by Nova Producciones. (Video lasts 6 min 52 sec)

Youtube: Majorca Daily Bulletin TV 07/11/2023

The YGB team: Paddy, Nick, Anne, Aila and Louise.


"It’s a different life on the other side of the paseo..."

“We get to be Santa Claus with other people's money! But without the cooperation of the Superyacht crews and businesses we would not be able to help.”

Vicki McLeod18/12/2022 13:25

Six of the group of seven (they removed masks for the purposes of the photo).


Seven Majorcans tackling Mont Blanc

The seven are highlighting the work of the charity Mallorca Sense Fam, Majorca Without Hunger.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/08/2020 12:03

Associació Tardor working hard to provide ‘takeaway’ food during lockdown

Life in Lockdown

The C Word

Latest figures suggested there were around 94,000 people in a situation of social exclusion, and over 200,000 more at risk of the same. COVID-19 just made these horrifying figures multiply.

Sarah Forge01/05/2020 04:01